Hybrid Pools

Traditionally, concrete and tiled pools have been considered ‘top of the range’, particularly at larger properties with landscaped grounds. In certain circumstances, this is still the preferred option. However, due to the very high construction costs and additional on going maintenance issues, many people are looking for alternatives.

The thought of a vinyl pool is an anathema to many prospective pool owners, in spite of the fact that they are considerably less expensive, easier to maintain, more suited to difficult ground conditions and cost effective to update.

An alternative to a complete liner pool is an ‘on site’ lined pool with a ceramic, vitreous or porcelain finish at water level. There is an extensive choice of patterns for reinforced vinyl available and the waterline can be finished with any selected tile that can withstand pool water chemicals. There is no restriction in size or shape for such pools and they come with a 10 guarantee on the finish. This is 7 years more than a tiled pool!

Proteus Pool

Another alternative to a concrete and tiled pool is a ‘One Piece’ pool. Unlike the old, flimsy fibreglass swimming pools which were imported from Spain, Australia or South Africa, there are now a number of European manufactured acrylic pools that are reinforced and insulated and provide a very attractive solution. Because they need to be transported by road they are restricted in dimensions, but can incorporate many desirable features such as automatic covers and counter swimming devices.