Sheet Covers

Sheet covers can be manually operated or hydraulically powered, making the operation as simple as turning a key.

The covers can be installed with new pools or retro-fitted onto existing pools. The cover moves along parallel tracks running the length of the pool and completely encapsulates the pool. The mechanism and roller can be either deck mounted or installed in a pit at the rear of the pool, hiding the entire mechanism and providing a clean and attractive finish around the pool.


  • 100% Safe – These covers can support an entire family and therefore are a popular choice when safety is a paramount concern
  • Cleanliness – The cover prevents all wind blown debris from entering the pool so that the debris collects on the cover and not in the pool
  • Summer and Winter Cover in one – There is no need to supply and secure a winter cover as a sheet cover remains on the pool all year round
  • Insulator – By eliminating any wind chilling effect, the sheet cover offers good insulation properties to the heated pool