The word ‘Commercial’ tells it all. To be truly ‘Commercial’, the pool must provide a return on investment to the pool operator. This means

  • That it has to be designed and delivered within budgets set
  • The water quality must be perfect and inviting at all times even when bather loads are excessive
  • It must be mechanically reliable so that the pool remains open for all the hours that are advertised
  • It must be efficient in terms of running costs such as Energy consumption, water conservation and chemical  treatment costs

With 30 years experience and our Value Engineering approach to projects, we are the first port of call for many Architects who provide specialist design services in the light commercial sector.  We have repeatedly worked in conjunction with many Main Contractors throughout the UK who know our capabilities and can rely on us to bring Contracts in on time and within budget. This is critical in the Commercial Sector when the project has been advertised to be open on a certain date.

See our Portfolio section for commercial pool pictures.