Concrete Pools

The traditional way to construct a swimming pool is from re-enforced concrete. The pool tank or shell is designed as a water retaining structure with decorative internal finishes.

Such  pools require a Structural Engineering Design and stringent work processes to achieve a watertight pool where the finishes can be guaranteed for many years. This makes them more expensive than other pool building techniques and more often used on indoor pool applications.

After 30 years of building concrete swimming pools, Cresta Leisure will only undertake a contract that allows the following processes to be undertaken. There is no short-cut that can be considered if we are to guarantee the pool structure for at least 10 years’

  • Conduct a ground survey to establish suitability for Concrete structure.
  • Professional structural design to BS EN 1992-1-3-2006 (Eurocode 2) will ensure that the pool will be structurally sound.
  • Excavation and de-watering of proposed site to ensure ground water does not hamper construction.
  • Steel Reinforcement to Engineers design is placed and fixed in readiness for concrete works.
  • Concrete works by shuttering, shotcrete or gunite to complete shell.
  • Fill the pool with water at the rate of 750mm per 24 hours and when full, static test for 7 days to ensure water tightness of the shell before further finishes are undertaken.
  • The completed shell is be left for a further 5 weeks curing before any rendering or screeding takes place.
  • Render and screed is applied to the cured shell with an appropriate bonding agent between the shell and the render coat.
  • When the walls have been rendered and the screeded, the pool shall then be left to cure for a further period of 3 weeks before tiles or other pool finishes are applied.
  • Pool tiling and grouting is completed using frost resistant tiles and fixing materials that comply with BS 5385 ( Code of Practice for Design and Installation of Tiling).

From the above, it is evident that this is a lengthy and demanding procedure and strictly adhered to when Cresta build a concrete pool. There is little margin for error, and that is why Cresta employs an “in house” team with many years of experience to undertake the work.

The finished article is stunning, particularly when innovative finishes are used such as large format Porcelain tiles, designer mosaics or even enriched plaster finishes.

Concrete Pool Construction

Concrete Pool installations by Cresta Leisure