Pool Design

Cresta Leisure offers a complete ‘Design and Build’ service for all types of swimming pool. After 30 years in the business, our founder and Chairman, Tim Bareham, has been involved with many hundreds of pools in the UK and abroad. Being an honorary SPATA Inspector he has the advantage of assessing many stunning pools designed and built by other SPATA members throughout the UK. Rarely does he return from an Inspection and not say that he has seen something ‘innovative’ or ‘special’. These nuggets are invaluable to keep ahead of the game and Cresta customers reap the benefit of this ‘Industry Intelligence’.

SPATA Standards are very comprehensive and cover the following elements of Pool Design and Construction.

  • Method of Construction and compliance with British Standards
  • Swimming pool finishes and compliance with British Standards
  • Swimming Pool surrounds including suitability for wet areas
  • Indoor Pools including safety in design
  • Pool Heating and Dehumidification
  • Pool water treatment and chemistry including water testing
  • Automatic Chemical control systems
  • Filtration System design including circulation, filtration and turnover rates, pipe velocities etc..
  • Pool electrical system design and safety
  • Associated buildings such as plant rooms, changing rooms

Cresta Leisure meets or exceeds all the above standards in every design and build project undertaken. We endeavour to meet all customers needs and aspirations in the design process and offer  illustrations and images from our extensive portfolio to explain the host of options available.

For indoor pool projects we work closely with Architects and Designers to ensure that the proposed pool is incorporated into their design in the most efficient manner. We provide Computer Aided Design (AutoCAD) drawings for pool and plant rooms to ensure that there is no conflict with the construction of the building. This is particularly important on Mechanical Services elements of the project such as heating, ventilation and electrical power requirements.

Indoor pool finishes, both within the pool and around it, are very different from general building. Our direct association with a number of Italian tile manufacturers allows us to offer a wide choice of tiles that bring something special to our projects.

See our design pages for Myrtha Pools, Liner Pools, Concrete Pools and Commercial Pools.