Liner Pools

The most economic way to install an “in ground” pool is to fit a pre-tailored vinyl liner into the pool shell to provide water tightness and the decorative finish.

For many years, Cresta has worked closely with Aquaflex, one of the country’s leading pool liner specialists. Our development of the Myrtha Pools system, used in combination with Aquaflex’s Alkor pre-tailored liner,  has further strengthen the business relationship in recent times.

There are two styles of liner, the pre-tailored liner and the Alkor on-site welded liner. The pre-tailored liner is fabricated to the exact dimensions of the pool at the factory and installed as a complete membrane. This style of liner is most commonly used in domestic pool applications providing 10-15 years life expectancy, subject to the conditions.

The Alkor Liner is a thicker and more resilient material and is used extensively in the commercial sector. However, it is becoming increasingly popular in the domestic market as it offers many advantages and provides a stunning and long lasting finish to the pool. Being a thicker membrane, this material is welded on site and enables the liner to fit exactly around steps and shapes within the pool.

Liner Examples