Hot Tubs


For over 20 years, Cresta has sold Arctic Spas, the only brand of hot tub that we sell, and we have now supplied and installed over 300 spas throughout Dorset and beyond. With unique features and high quality of build, we believe the Arctic Spa remains one of the best spas on the market. Designed and manufactured in Canada, it is unrivalled in heat conservation and sympathetic use of materials.

The knowledge and experience of our sales team allows our customers to feel comfortable and unpressurised in making their purchase. The display spas in our shop make it easy to illustrate examples and guide the customer through the options and features that the world of spas has to offer.

Having solely supplied Arctic Spas, our engineers have built up a wealth of experience when it comes to servicing and maintenance and we keep many of the spares in stock. Delivery, although sometimes challenging, is almost always achievable in line with the customer’s wishes and expectations, often with the assistance of Fitzy Lifting Crane Hire.